New Band Name!

To all of our Fanz!
Rogue Dadz is changing! No, we’re not changing members of the band. We’re not changing our music (Check out our Songs Page to see all the new songs), and we’re not changing the fun we have when we play for all of you. We are however –
We will now and forever be known as:
                            THE ROGUEZ
Yes, we have dropped the “Dadz” but have kept our Rogue, and with the Z! Quick story for you:
The band started with one particular man who wanted to break free from the mundane family life! So, a rogue dad got other dadz together and started a band! Two years into the journey of the band, the dadz realized that since two momz had already hitched the rockin’ ride, they felt compelled, in the spirit of fairness, to drop the “dad” but keep the cool “z”! You know, the “z”, that awesome feeling of loving to play music for pure joy of it and the fun!!
So look for us soon at a venue near you and help us kickoff the new tour of The Roguez !!