Band Bioz

Lead Vocals and Bass

Reno a.k.a. Florino (Florin) started out singing many years ago with the elementary school choir. During the first year of high school he met Walter Franz, a guitar player and singer, who got him hooked on playing the guitar! Together they formed an acoustic duo with some substantial success over the upcoming high school chicks. A couple of years later, Reno started his first band, “The Punks” (Panckistii), which quickly became one of the hottest and sought after high school bands!

Upon returning from military service, Reno started entertaining the idea of learning to play bass guitar and sing lead vocal – not a very easy thing to do! The Gods were looking upon him again, and with guidance from many great musicians and friends like Emil Balomiri (bass & vocals), Gabriel Patrascan (drums/rhythm & vocals), Ciama Calin (keyboards & vocals) and Daniel Sfart (piano/keyboards & vocals), to name a few, Reno became a local Star! And he continued to rock with many other talented musicians, in bands like Quasar, Strings, Level 13 (Nivel 13).

His influences resonate with Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Metallica, Van Halen and much more…

The idea of laying down the foundation for a great band called Rogue Dadz…which along the way became THE ROGUEZ, came at a moment of sudden realization that when you stop believing in yourself and those dear to your heart, you start the end of what you are…

With love for music, friendship and the tenacity WE, the bandmates feel and have – only great times and accomplishments will follow.
Long Live The Roguez!


Lead and Backup Vocals

Some people are born singers. Oana came to it a little late – but since she’s gotten there, she’s been digging deep and has made singing part of her home. Literally, her home! Everyone in the family is singing and the Sunday rehearsals are undeniably bringing good times and inspiration to all.

Growing up in Romania, Oana spent a lot of time hanging out with talented musicians and always knew the lyrics to every song on the radio (she still sings along to anything that’s on). Since meeting her soulmate – a singer, you guessed! She has grown not only as a music lover, but as an aspiring performer. Alongside The Roguez, Oana craves the excitement and pure fun of Rocking some good cover tunes!

Lead / Rhythm Guitar

James VH started playing guitar at 8 years old. He started out studying jazz for the first several years and then moved over to blues and rock when he heard the stylings of guitar players such as SRV, Santana, Neal Schon and Eddie Van Halen. These became his musical and guitar influences over the years. The first rock song that James learned was “Don’t stop believing” by Journey. Over the years he has had long standing runs with several local bands in FL serving as lead guitar for them. James has and is currently also serving as lead guitar for a church worship ministry here locally. Welcome to the Show!!!!!!


Dan Coole picked drums as his instrument in 4th grade and has never reconsidered. In the early years, he focused on the snare drum all the way thru High School as drumline captain of a 300-person marching band. In college, he and some friends started the classic rock band “Max.” who played the local State College PA bar scene, big outdoor events, and even the Penn State Dance Marathon “Thon” (the world’s largest student-led philanthropy).
Like Jim, Dan got back into playing after a long break by serving in a local church band on a regular basis (to occasionally include cool venues like Koka Booth). Dan’s drumming influences include bands such as Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Van Halen, and Bad Company, with additional influences in the rock blues, alternative, metal, and pop genre’s (although Jim may be getting him into some country).

Rhythm / Lead Guitar and Vocals

Originally from Northcentral Pennsylvania, St. Mary’s, Pa. to be exact, Devin grew up fishing, hunting and camping, Devin is a self-proclaimed country boy but loves all things city. He developed an appreciation for guitar in his early teenage years.

After graduating high school, he found his way into the United States Air Force and spent the next 22 years travelling around the world finally settling down here in North Carolina.

“Playing in local bands has always been a passion for me. Being in the Air Force and travelling so much doesn’t make it easy to be in a band”

Inside Down, Chaotic Resolve and Siren are some recent bands for him. All three have played at clubs, bars and festivals in and around the local Raleigh area.

“I’m really super excited to be working with this band and getting back on stage. Let’s see where it goes!”