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The Roguez update January 2024

Happy New Year You Rogue People out there, Friendz and Fanz!

We are starting the new year with a slightly new lineup… Our Lead Guitarist Jim Lezzer decided to leave the band in pursuit of an original music act… we wish him All The Best and Thank him for the time together!

Now, like the band Queen said: Show Must Go On!…

We would like to introduce our new Lead Guitarist, James Van Horn. Does the name make you think of some other great musicians?… Yes, it does!

Well, he is definitely an accomplished musician, lead and rhythm guitarist and we are happy to have him join our Rogue Family.

All the best to Y’all and Long Live The Roguez!

The Roguez update May 2022

Hey there Fanz and Friendz,

If you’re seeing this, don’t forget to check our Next Show page. We might be playing in your neck of the woods and you should join us for some Rockin Music, dance and fun. If you’re checking our Facebook page, don’t forget to Like us and even Follow us. See y’all soon!

The Roguez update December 2021

Hey there Fanz and Friendz… Check out our new lineup!… Dan Coole is our new drummer!

Unfortunately, for reasons of work and family, Kurt had to leave us.

So, here we go again, like the Phoenix Bird, rising back from the ashes, we go forward and never quit!

Come out and have a blast with us this coming Friday the 17th, at Oaklyn Springs Brewery in Fuquay, 2912 N Main St #100…

Let’s all have a Not So Silent Night… lots of beer and music!

The Roguez update September 2021

Hi there everyone! Very exciting news! We are up and Rocking down South with our new lineup. Check it out!… come out and Rock with us!

Stay tuned for upcoming news and events.

Long Live The Roguez!

The Roguez update – June 2021

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!… especially to The Roguez Fans and Friends!
With love and sorrow in our hearts, we want to let you know that THE ROGUEZ awesome journey as a Philly area cover band has come to an end. We thank everyone that was part, or was involved in helping our band succeed, and wish them great future accomplishments!
We thank all of our friends, fans and followers!
We will forever Love you!
Look for us to resume our Rocking Ways in North Carolina. 
Be safe, be happy and live your life to the fullest!
Love Y’all!

The Roguez update – Fall 2020

Hey there Roguez fans! Here’s what’s been happening lately and how things are looking for the near future.

New Guitar Player!

The Roguez would like to welcome our new guitarist Vince to the lineup! The pandemic shook up our world a bit but we’re back and ready for action! Look for a bio for Vince coming soon.

Update on Gigs!

We’re all waiting patiently for when we can safely get back into the bars for some awesome shows. For now we’re fine-tuning the set list with some rocking new tunez! Check back here on the website for the latest news.